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Wed, Jan. 25th, 2012, 01:09 am

I had a really blatantly metaphorical dream the other night. I was hanging on the outside of the railing to the stairs for the white slide at The Beach, almost to the top. It was somewhat windy and slippery and uncomfortable and my hands were shaking partly because the metal was cold and probably more because I was afraid of falling to my death. The line for the slide extended all the way down to the ground, but nobody in line seemed to notice at all that I was hanging there, and also I made no effort to alert them. Some really crazy omniscient voice said: COME DOWN. And then I was debating how to get down. I thought immediately about climbing over the railing and going down the stairs, but it seemed impossible that the people would move aside to let me down. So then I thought, either I can climb all the way back down this railing (it was a long way) or I can climb a shorter way up to the top of the slide and then take the slide down, but I would have to get all my clothes wet and then I would be wet and cold and uncomfortable. It ended up that I just didn't move because I was too frozen with fear and indecision.